What’s the attention in the process of purchasing RTA furniture

Furniture, as an indispensable necessity in home life, is no longer just “furniture” in a simple sense, but an important element to create warmth and beauty.

Furniture is divided into wood furniture, soft furniture, hardware glass furniture, etc. In terms of style, there are European and American classical furniture (Baroque, Rococo, neoclassical), Chinese style, new Chinese style and modern panel furniture.


RTA furniture is characterized by its novel shape, fashion and simplicity, clean lines and pure colors. Between different brand series and different veneers, it gives people a variety of colors and textures, highlighting fashion personality, and the price is moderate. Therefore, panel furniture has long occupied a larger share of the furniture market. Panel furniture mainly uses artificial panels, which are closed with veneers and edge bands. When purchasing this kind of furniture, pay attention to the interior materials of the furniture, and pay more attention to the lacquer, veneer, edge banding, hardware and size. Otherwise, it is easy to buy low-quality products.


A Veneer:

The veneer can be divided into high, middle and low grades in terms of material. The mid-to-high-end veneer is smooth and delicate, and feels good. When purchasing, pay attention to whether there are defects such as scratches, indentation, bubbling, degumming and peeling on the surface of the furniture; whether the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth, and whether the board surface color and texture are consistent and harmonious (that is, there should be no color difference).


B Hardware:

Rails and door hinges should be opened and closed freely, no noise, no rust, and no plating off.


C Sealing:

No matter what edge banding material is used, the edge banding must be tight, without warping or unevenness, and the cut surface of the board must not have sags.


D Smoothness:

In the production process, whether the cutting of the plates meets the standards and whether the furniture assembly meets the requirements directly affects the stability and firmness of the product.

In the production and processing process of panel furniture, there are strict quality requirements (0.01mm/m) for the accuracy, verticality, angle and flatness of the panel cutting and sawing. Therefore, the purchased products should not have the slightest shaking and tilt due to quality problems.


E size:

Whether the size of the selected furniture matches the size of the room. Generally speaking, some furniture can be customized according to the size of the room.

Furniture for different purposes generally has certain technical parameters, such as:

Bookcase: The vertical board is generally spaced from 350mm to 800mm, the height of the shelf is normally 350mm-400mm, and the personalized design is generally 250mm for 32-open books, and the shelf for 16-open books is placed The height is 320 mm.

The bedding area of the wardrobe: the conventional design is on the highest floor, the height is 400mm-550mm, the long clothing area: the height is 1400mm-1700mm, the top area: the height is 1000mm-1200mm, the stacking area: the height is 350mm -500mm, drawer: width is 400mm-800mm, and the height of drawer is 160-200mm


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Post time: May-17-2021