Sofa+Console Table,A Versatile Piece in Your Home


Console table,also called sofa table,entryway table. It is a versatile piece that fits in many more locations than simply behind a sofa. If you’re looking to dress up your bare entryway and living room,adding a extra space to display your artwork, pictures, vases and mementos,you should definitely consider a console or sofa table. If you’re looking to add the slim-lined storage piece to your home office or dining room,in views of limited room space,then hallway tables could be a practical addition.


There are various styles for you to choose from.Depending on what you’re concerned about, different designs come in different materials, colors and sizes,will offer you different functions.

If you don’t have enough cabinet space but in need of storage, choose a small sized and thin console table with shelves. For creating a neat and orderly look,you can also add small boxes or baskets to keep small essentials organized. If your choice is without restrictions by space size and pays more attention to practical storage ways,multifunctional sofa table comes with drawers and storage shelf is a perfect solution for you.Things that need to be hidden away can be stored in the drawers, while the top and lower shelf can be used for things display.

The last thing to do is to choose a right piece that fits your home style.We always try to offer you many options for your home, from industrial to contemporary, from simple to fancy.



We have to say console table is a must-have furniture accessory in your rooms,that offers massive flexibility and can easily take on multiple roles in your rooms.

In the hallway, they’re narrow enough to fit in cramped entryways, while still offering the storage you need.A stylish design will also help you create a striking entranceway.

When it’s used as a sofa table in the living room,it creates an attractive surface instead if you don’t want to show off the back of your sofa,while getting utility table storage within arm’s reach.

It can also be played as a small desk in your home office and won’t take up too much space.

A additional serving and storage unit in dining areas to display glassware, bowls, bottles of wine for easy access during parties instead of a big sideboard.The possibilities are endless.



Whether you’re searching for classic styles or the stylish one that catch up with the latest trends,NuTrend’s selection of Console Tables makes it easy to find the perfect piece at the competitive price.We welcome your inquiries!


Post time: Sep-18-2021