130th Canton Fair Scheduled Online at October 15- 19

As a vital step to promote trade in the face of COVID-19, the 130th Canton Fair will showcase 16 product categories across 51 exhibition areas in a fruitful 5-day exhibition held over one phase from Oct 15 to 19, integrating online showcases with offline in-person experiences for the first time.


16 product categories in 51 sections will be displayed and a rural vitalization zone will be designated both online and onsite to showcase featured products from these areas. The onsite exhibition will be held in 3 phases as usual, with each phase lasting for 4 days. The total exhibition area reaches 1.185 million m2 and the number of standard booths around 60,000. Chinese representatives of overseas organizations and companies, as well as domestic buyers will be invited to attend the Fair. The online website will develop functions suitable for the onsite event and to bring more visitors to attend the physical Fair.

As an exhibitor,NuTrend will launch many newly designed products at that time,including living room furniture,kitchen trolley,kids furniture,home office desk,storage units and so on..

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Post time: Sep-30-2021